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What is the CrossFit Open?

Writer's Note: First of all... Percheron Fitness is not a CrossFit affiliate. However, we are what I would call "CrossFit Adjacent". This just means that the methodology we follow at Percheron is very similar and does often get confused with that of CrossFit, which is great, because CrossFit does an incredible job at turning "strength & conditioning" into VERY potent & effective lifestyle medicine. In addition, there's not another competition on the planet like the Open, which is why we participate!

Whether you're just beginning to exercise for the first time, an avid competitor, or a devoted enthusiast, the CrossFit Open offers an exclusive experience tailored just for you.

For many, the Open becomes a profound expression of the 'why' behind a daily commitment to fitness. It acts as a beacon, holding us accountable to our health and fitness goals, creating a shared experience that transcends individual efforts. It's not just about the workouts; it's about the camaraderie, the support that echoes through CrossFit affiliates, non-affiliated gyms, and the global community, turning the Open into a celebration of our collective belief that this approach to fitness betters us and the world.

The Open isn't just a workout regimen; it's a gateway for competitive aspirations. For those seeking to fill a competitive void, the Open provides a platform for diverse athletic backgrounds. It's not just about making it to the CrossFit Games, though, which is the pinnacle for a select few. The beauty lies in the fact that, regardless of your fitness level, the Open unites us in the pursuit of something more profound than a solitary workout.

The Essence of the CrossFit Open

Inaugurated in 2011, the CrossFit Open shook the norm by introducing a global online competition. It transformed the concept of testing one's fitness using the "Hopper" model and has gained traction worldwide as the community has grown. Each year, the Open becomes a collective barometer of progress, showcasing the community's journey from initial pull-ups, double-unders and muscle-ups to increased max loadings and lifetime PRs.

Structurally, the Open spans three weeks, offering flexibility to complete workouts anywhere – be it your gym, home, park, or even a beach. The weekly routine includes the release of a new workout on Thursdays at 2 p.m. Central Time, with participants having until Monday at 7 p.m. CT to submit scores online. The worldwide CrossFit Games Leaderboard allows you to gauge your performance against the world, your age group, and within your selected division.

Diverse Divisions for Every Athlete

The Open caters to all levels, featuring various divisions to ensure a challenging yet encouraging experience:

  • Rx'd: For those who thrive on pushing their limits.

  • Age Groups: Tailored workouts for teenagers (14-17) and masters (35+).

  • Adaptive: Modified, challenging workouts for athletes with permanent impairments.

  • Scaled: A scaled-down version for those not ready for the Rx'd challenge.

  • Foundations: Perfect for beginners or first-time Open participants.

Beyond the Games: Your Open, Your Journey

While it does serve as the opening qualifying event for the annual CrossFit Games, the Open is not solely for elite athletes aiming for the Games. It's a unique endeavor, serving as a standalone fitness checkpoint for most people. It's a chance to set personal goals, celebrate accomplishments, and stay motivated throughout the year.

Breaking the Myth: Anyone Can Do It

Feeling hesitant? Don't let doubts hold you back. You don't need a specific fitness level to participate. The Open thrives on your willingness to try. As the saying goes, "The best way to start is to start." Your first Open experience acts as a catalyst, propelling people to increase gym attendance, commit to personal fitness goals, and ultimately become fitter and overall healthier.

Embrace Accountability and Community

Sharing scores is ingrained in both the CrossFit & Percheron cultures, fostering accountability and a shared commitment. The Open takes this a step further, ensuring that everyone is accountable not only to themselves but to the community. It's about mutual support, encouragement, integrity, and building a stronger community bond.

Paying the Registration Fee: A Commitment to Yourself

While some prefer spectating, the Open approach is all in. Registering for the Open isn't just about the competition; it's a commitment that adds another layer of dedication. It provides a clear goal to train for, injecting purpose into the daily grind of workouts.

Ready to Join the Open at Percheron Fitness?

As registration approaches, don't miss the chance to be part of something extraordinary. Sign up for email alerts to stay in the loop and follow the Percheron Fitness Facebook page for the latest updates. We're eager to celebrate your achievements on the leaderboard this year. Let's make this year's Open unforgettable!

Be looking for the next post, where we will do our best to answer the questions rolling around in your head right now...

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Nate Apodaca
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