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Introducing: OnRamp

Beginning your fitness journey or advancing it to the next level necessitates a solid foundation and a keen understanding of the core exercises that promote a lifetime of healthy movement.


At Percheron Fitness, we have harmonized this essential concept into a uniquely tailored program called OnRamp. This program, comprising four personal training sessions, is meticulously designed to equip our members with the proficiency in fundamental exercises like squats, deadlifts, presses, pulls, and more. Whether you’re a novice exploring the fitness world or an experienced athlete looking to refine your technique, OnRamp is your gateway to achieving enduring fitness success


At the core of OnRamp’s vision is the belief that a personalized approach towards learning and refining exercise techniques is invaluable. This 1:1 interaction with our seasoned coaches ensures a personalized focus on your strengths, weaknesses, and goals, paving a safer and more effective path towards your fitness journey. We also use this OnRamp to get you up to speed on The Percheron Way (the vision, mission, values, & culture that set us apart).

Here’s how different groups can vastly benefit from the OnRamp program:

For the Beginner with No Exposure to Exercise:

  • Build a base inventory of core movements under expert supervision.

  • Learn at your own pace, ensuring clarity and safety.

  • Personalized attention to form and technique, minimizing the risk of injury.

  • Transition smoothly into group classes, armed with confidence and competence.

For the Semi-fit Individual with Some Exercise Background:

  • Reinforce or update your form with seasoned coaching.

  • Refuel your fitness journey with new training strategies.

  • Solidify a holistic approach to fitness by bridging knowledge gaps.

  • Prepare for advanced training within our group classes.

For the Experienced Athlete:

  • Dial in your form on core movements, increasing performance & decreasing risk of injury.

  • Get feedback and personalized adjustments from our experienced coaches.

  • Discover & correct any performance weaknesses, which will elevate your training.

  • Gear up for more advanced and intense workout sessions in a supportive, challenging environment.

Our team at Percheron Fitness embodies years of experience and a passionate commitment to excellent coaching. We have used that expertise to tailor the OnRamp program to meet each individual’s needs, regardless of age, gender, fitness level, or future goals. This is part of what sets Percheron Fitness apart in the world of personal and semi-private training, as well as group fitness classes.

OnRamp is more than just 4 sessions and some paperwork; it’s an investment in a lifetime of efficient, effective, and safe exercise. It’s about creating harmony between your mind and your body, understanding the capabilities of both, and pushing those boundaries under professional guidance. At Percheron Fitness, we are committed to making sure that your first turn towards holistic fitness is the thing that merges you into that new lifestyle safely.

Ready to get started on your very own fitness transformation? Just like any good adventure/trip, it all starts with an OnRamp. Book your free No-Sweat Intro by clicking the orange button below and make the first move towards more strength, better movement, and an overall greater feeling about yourself. Our expert coaches are excited to welcome you in, teach you, and help you chase down your fitness goals with unparalleled support and personalized care.

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