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Everything you'll want to know about participating in the 2024 PF Open

The 2024 Percheron Open starts in a few weeks (the week of March 11). We’ve already had some really great questions come in, we know some are being thought but not yet asked, and we know some of the others that may not ever get asked along the way, so we wanted to address them here for all to see. So, in no particular order, here we go!

Should I sign-up?

YES, duh.

What Are the Dates?

The PF Open Draft will take place on Saturday, February 24th.

Workouts are released on Fridays and we run the workouts in in-person on Saturdays.

Friday, March 15th – PF Open 24.1

Friday, March 22nd – PF Open 24.2

Friday, March 29th – PF Open 24.3

  • There will be a 4th mystery "workout" (24.4: "Secret Event Four") that will be announced at some point along the way.

What if I can’t come to the normal class times?

This year we are offering a special Saturday class for the Open workouts. They will NOT be a part of normal classes at Percheron. If you can't make a Saturday, we will offer makeups on the following Monday afternoon. This also opens the door to anyone who might not yet be a member at Percheron to join in on the fun.

What if I can’t come in to the gym because I’ll be out of town?

No problem! You just have to get the workout done. You can do it at the Open workout sessions on Saturdays or Monday afternoon during the makeup windows – or drop into another gym while out of town. Just make sure it gets judged & recorded accurately!

What if I can’t do the workouts Rx?

("Rx" means "as prescribed/as written"; "Scaled" is what we call it when we modify the prescribed workout in any way)

NO PROBLEM! In addition to Rx, there are also Scaled & Foundations divisions. The Open serves as a fantastic test of fitness but also a pathway to grow and add fitness to the bank over years and years. We highly encourage you to participate in whatever division gets you to sign-up.

Teams will earn points for Rx, Scaled, & Foundations workouts. AND you can flip flop back and forth between divisions each week. The main objective is to show up for your team each week, give your best effort, and leave proud of doing both.

What if I’m new to Percheron?

Even better! There’s no better way to get to know people, the gym, and the fun of this fitness program than through the PF Open. And, you’ll be on a team that will help teach you all the ins and outs so you’re in the know!

Ok, but what’s this really going to be like?

Think fitness for time combined with spring fling.

What if I’m not competitive?

Sure, you might not be competitive when it comes to "exercise", but we’re guessing there are some things that you might find yourself with a competitive drive? For example: Sudoku for time? Chicken wing cook-off? Best costume? Pickleball?

In this year’s format, there are workout and non-workout related ways for your team to earn points. And your team needs those points!

How does this Intramural format work?

We will divide all who sign-up into 3-4 teams (depending on sign-ups). Each team will accumulate points throughout the four weeks in a variety of areas. Some points are available to all teammates each week while some points are “weekly one offs” that will earn your team extra points.

Ok, what’s the baseline point system?

Each week, every team member can earn up to 9 points for their team:

  • 5 points – Attend 5 group classes Friday through Thursday of each Open week AND log your score in SugarWOD. In addition, we'll have 3 approved home workouts that can also count. Please note, only these 3 approved home workouts will count – yoga, dog walking, skiing, mountain biking do not count, for example. Also, there are no points per individual workouts. So if you only get 3 workouts in the week, that is not 3 points, it is zero.

  • 2 points – Do the Open workout on Saturday during the Open window.

    • 1 point - Complete the workout during Monday's makeup session.

  • 2 points – Wear your team’s color to workout in while you do the Open workout.

Are there more ways to earn points?

Yes, each week, teams will submit the top 2 Rx Male and Female scores. We will assign points based on overall global placing.

And more ways to earn points?

You know it! Each week there will be a specific weekly challenge where teams will volunteer one member of their team to complete the challenge. These extra points will not be workout-based and will rely on a variety of other skills such as – math, wine tasting, reading comprehension, strategizing, and fashion.

Will I have fun?


Ok, how do I sign-up?

Woot! You can sign-up via this link OR see one of your coaches after class and we can sign-up for you (it’s only $20). You must be registered by Wednesday, February 21st so we can assign team captains before the Draft on Saturday, February 24th.

Is there a way to get involved without working out/competing?

You know it! We'll have plenty of opportunities to jump in. Got baking skills? Decorating your thing? Organizing? Admin? Maybe you really love cleaning up chalk?

Let us know what your gifting is:

What about being an official Percheron Open Judge? You can complete the course at this link, and get your official Judges Certification - it's only $10 and will totally prep/qualify you for judging of the movements and workouts programmed at the Percheron Open.

Still got questions?

DM us on social media or fire us a quick email:

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