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About Us

Percheron Fitness is...

a gym community built on faith and focused on family, fitness and fun!
We are committed to providing an environment that is welcoming and encouraging. Our priority is YOU. We are dedicated to helping
you reach
your fitness goals, maintain a healthy lifestyle and integrate into this community we call family.

Our goal is to make this the best part of your day!

Meet the Team

Wild horses run in herds, but when they are domesticated, trained and strategically working alongside others toward a common goal, it's called a team. 

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Owner/Head Coach

Justin Potter

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Caleb Hamlin

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Owner/Client Success Manager

Amy Potter

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Percherons do well on their own, but they THRIVE on a team.

We are always on the lookout for those who desire to help others win.

Click the button below to find out how you can run with us.




Our name comes from the Percheron draft horse. Originally bred as a war horse, the Percheron is a beautiful model of all-around wholistic fitness. 

Intelligent + Industrious

Strong + Stable

Graceful + Peaceful

Confident + Gentle

Elegant + Athletic

Percheron Fitness is built on these ten attributes, and our goal is

to help you develop each attribute within yourself.


This is the Percheron Way.

We believe that exercising should be fun and purposeful with practical real-life outcomes. That's the definition of functional training.

We are genuinely fulfilled when we're helping others move better, get stronger, and feel great.

Let's talk!

Chat with a coach about how Percheron
Fitness can help you achieve your goals.

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