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Personal Training at Percheron Fitness is the same type of individualized and customized programming you get with 1-on-1 training. The only difference between 1-on-1 and what we call "Semi-Private" is that you’re sharing the time of a personal trainer with up to 3 other people in a Semi-Private session.

It's still an exercise program designed specifically for you - not a small group class. You get all the attention you need and all the room to thrive.


💥 It’s a team-oriented approach and it’s highly effective. 💥

You may be working out side by side with a person who is rehabbing an injury, training for Ironman, someone improving body composition, a new mom working their way back to fitness, or maybe a retiree who is lifting weights

to reclaim their energy and strength. Everybody is here for their own reasons, working on their own program, experiencing and enjoying the camaraderie

of working hard together, while making themselves proud.



People Per



Weekly Sessions





We believe that you should start where you are, and we’ll meet you there. Then we’ll teach you how to progress at your pace, at the intensity that is right for you, achieving the goals you set out to accomplish.


We have trained young-at-heart adults, grown-up kids, folks with broken and worn out parts, recreational and collegiate athletes, endurance and extreme athletes, and adults in the game of life. No matter what your game is, you will get better by training with Percheron Fitness.

FAQs: Personal Training

See some common questions and answers below, or ask us here:

  • What is "semi-private" training?
    Semi-Private Training is individualized and customized exercise training. Instead of one-on-one, you’re sharing the time of a personal trainer with up to 3 other people. You get all the attention you need and all the room to thrive. It’s a team-oriented approach and it’s highly effective.
  • How do you match me with other clients?
    We don’t! Everyone on the training floor is working on his or her own program. Nobody is matched up or grouped into ability-levels.
  • How does that work when you have clients of very different abilities training together?
    It actually works exceptionally well. Everyone gets all the attention and coaching they need while providing support and inspiration to the others in the group. Teamwork makes the dream work!
  • Do I need to bring a friend or my own group for this to work?
    We’d love it if you brought your friends. But either way, you pick the days and times you want to work out. We’ll do our best to fill the rest of the hour with other clients. If we don’t have anyone else to work out with you during that time slot, you’re still doing your own program and we still call it “semi-private.” *** One exception here is our Coach & Client Gender Policy: If there is only 1 client booked for a time slot, then the gender of the client must align with the gender of the coach for that session. Why? Our male coaches do not coach females 1:1, and our female coaches do not coach male clients 1:1. We do this to protect our coaches, our clients, and their marriages.
  • How do you design my training program?
    The Percheron Fitness approach to personal training supplies you with a totally customized training program designed for your specific goals. We evaluate your exercise history, injury and health concerns, and current movement abilities. Then we design a program that will get you from where you are today to where you want to go.
  • What is the Functional Movement Screen?
    The “FMS” is a series of 7 simple movements we’d like all people to be able to do with some degree of proficiency. It’s a measure of your movement abilities, not strengths. Your starting point in your program is based on what we observe when you do the screen.
  • Do you do One-on-One Training?
    In some circumstances, one-on-one training may be appropriate based on your unique concerns, goals, the time you have to allocate to your training, and other factors. Just get in touch with us and we can assess if this is a better fit for us and for you.
  • What fitness levels do you cater to?
    We cater to all fitness levels provided your doctor has given you medical clearance to exercise in a non-medical environment. We’ve worked with people who get winded walking in from the car and we’ll work with elite, extreme, and collegiate athletes and everyone in between.
  • What kind of shoes should I wear for working out?
    We can answer this question on several different levels. Clean and Dry Shoes! Please don’t wear shoes inside that you were wearing outside - even just in from the parking lot. You will be spending a lot of time on the floor – often face down – and we want to keep the floor clean for everybody. If you're tracking in dirt, mud, sand, water, snow, goose or dog poop, you or the next person is going to be lying in it eventually. We like shoes that are built for the type of activity you'll be doing. Running shoes are for running. Olympic lifters are for lifting. Cross training shoes are for cross training. We especially don’t like running shoes with artificial arch supports, stabilization, and elevated heels. Lems, Xero, Altra, Converse, New Balance, Merrell, Five Fingers, Nike and others all have versions of a shoe with minimal support and little-to-no heel lift. Bare Feet. We believe that feet usually don’t need any external support and will thrive if left “un-shod.” Of course, you’re at risk of stubbing your toe. But, if you have a fungus OR medical instruction to wear shoes, then bare feet aren’t for you. If you need help deciding what shoes might be best for your program, we can help you with that, too, once we get your On-Ramp going.
  • Do you have towels?
    Yes, but feel free to bring your own. Just drop it down in that gym bag with all your other necessities.
  • Do you coach bodybuilders or MMA fighters?
    That’s not our specialty and if that's what you are looking for, you'd be better served in a gym that specializes in those specific activities. Just ask, and we'd love to help you locate a great one nearby.
  • What does Percheron mean?
    Our name comes from the Percheron draft horse. Originally bred as a war horse, and later used as an agricultural machine, the Percheron is a beautiful model of all-around wholistic fitness. Here are some of its attributes: ​ Intelligent Industrious Strong Stable Graceful Peaceful Confident Gentle Elegant Athletic ​ Percheron Fitness is built on these ten attributes, and our goal is to help you develop each attribute within yourself.
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