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What is Small Group Training? 🤔

Small group training is a group exercise with a trainer and a class size of 4 or more.


Small group training is not to be confused with what we call "semi-private personal training" which only serves 2-4 clients per trainer. The biggest

difference between small group training and semi-private is the amount of individualization provided to each.

Benefits of Small Group Training:

  • Motivation - You're more motivated to workout thanks to the psychology of relatedness.

  • Stress relief - No need to worry about finding a friendly face at the gym, or wandering around waiting on equipment, or not knowing what to do when you are there.

  • Fun - Since sessions have other people in them, there may be some partner exercises.

  • Cost - Small group training is a less-expensive but just-as-valuable alternative to one-on-one or semi-private personal training.

  • Planned variety - Trainers have written a great training session so you just need to show up, work hard, and make yourself proud.

  • Personal attention - Small group training is sized to keep a focus on keeping you safe and provide you with just enough community, without losing the accountability.

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