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10 Gift Ideas for Health-Conscious Friends + Family

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

‘Tis the season to be out of gift ideas (and the time to complete your holiday shopping).

What do you get for the friend who has everything? What about your health-focused friend who loves to exercise or doesn't drink alcohol?

Our holiday gift guide has the answers. These 10 items are health-focused, some paired with a complementary Thorne® product. Wellness is for everyone, and all at a reasonable price point.

This year, give the gift of good health by enabling your friends and family to start the new year on track to reach their health goals.

1. Portable blender: Most $50 or less

Easy-to-use, personal blenders are a great gift.. With most of these blenders, you have about 15 uses before they need recharging. You can get these in all sorts of colors, they typically are pretty easy to clean, and most can blend 12-20 ounces of powders, fruits, and vegetables.

Throw in a tub of Thorne’s Whey Protein Isolate & they can enjoy a smooth and creamy mid-afternoon healthy shake at their desk, in their dorm, in the car, or on their way out of the studio after a morning Build 💪🏽 or Burn 🔥 session.

Here's an example available on Amazon: Portable Blender

2. Suspension workout system: Basic versions less than $100

Suspension workout systems hang from a door, a rafter, a tree branch – or anything else that securely anchors it. It can wrap up smaller than a shoe, so it's portable and are a great option for traveling, or if you just can't make it to the studio for a workout. There are plenty of YouTube tutorials on combination moves, upper or lower body strength, and mobility movements. Workouts can be modified to be completed by beginners or experts.

Here's an example available at Academy Sports: Suspension Trainer

3. Meditation app subscription: Most less than $70 per year

Did you know you could e-gift a subscription to Headspace or other meditation or mindfulness apps? This is a thoughtful present for your friend who is stressed and seeking better focus and more happiness in their day-to-day life. Meditation is a powerful practice shown to have dozens of health benefits: it improves anxiety, stress, depression, and pain; lowers blood pressure; and improves insomnia. Meditation also supports individuals trying to quit a bad habit with behavior change techniques.

Here's a link to the Headspace Meditation App

4. At-home hydroponics garden: Many less than $100

The best gift for your friend who lives in an apartment or a home with no yard, loves to meal prep, or cook: an at-home hydroponics garden. These small contraptions typically take up less space than a desktop computer and can be used to grow favorite herbs – basil, dill, thyme, mint, etc. – and small plants all year long, no matter what climate or home they live in. No need for a green thumb; just add water, plant the seeds, and use the timer for the lights to turn on and off as necessary. Growing live plants inside helps with air quality and is known to help with stress levels. Herbs provide a fresh smell, taste delicious, and are nutritious on top of many dishes and drinks.

Here's one from AeroGarden: Harvest Slim

5. Recovery shoes/sandals: Many less than $100

This is a perfect gift for friends always on their feet, whether it's because of their career or the amount of time they spend exercising. Recovery shoes and sandals have become increasingly popular recently and are extremely comfortable for everyday use. You will see options with thick, squishy soles designed to roll with the foot when walking, so it's less taxing on the calves and more supportive of the foot’s arch. Standing, walking, or exercising can leave feet, ankles, and legs achy from overuse; the design of recovery footwear helps temporarily relieve feet and legs from the strain.

Subtly ask your loved one for their shoe size. Throw in a bottle of RecoveryPro to optimize muscle recovery overnight.

Here's a full selection of quality options from Hoka: Recovery Shoes/Slides/Socks

6. Weighted blanket: Many under $100

For the friend who enjoys quietly reading or watching TV, or has difficulty sleeping, a weighted blanket can provide immense comfort and will quickly become their favorite gift. The pressure from a weighted blanket lowers both heart and breathing rates and creates a calming effect from the inside out, supporting a happy mood and a good night’s sleep. The blankets are designed with the technique of deep pressure stimulation – to mimic a hug. 🤗 The body can’t help but release happy and calming hormones.

Here's one of MANY options on Amazon: Weighted Blanket

7. Skin exfoliating brush: Many under $40

Skin health is always a big hit among teens and women of all ages (but men can also benefit!). Do you have someone in your life who cares for their skin or wears makeup? Many companies sell facial exfoliating scrub brushes that can scrub off tough makeup, exfoliate the skin, and hydrate it by removing dead skin cells for a deep clean. The brushes are small, easy to clean, and travel well.

This goes perfectly with Collagen Plus, designed to promote glowing skin, as well as hair and nail health.* This flavored collagen also reduces fine lines and wrinkles to combat the visible signs of aging.*

Here's a great option for the men: Tooletries Scrubber Set

8. Exercise fanny pack: As low as $15

Fanny packs are not only practical, but a trendy item for everyday use. Fanny packs are back in style, although if you know someone who walks, runs, hikes, or bikes, they will tell you they never went out of style. Basic fanny packs hold phones and keys, but some have places for water bottles, gels, and snacks. If your friend or family member is looking to add movement to their routine next year, then they will surely use this and think of you – they are convenient, (mostly) machine washable, and perfect for men and women of all ages.

You knew we would include a Nike item somewhere, didn't you: Nike Running Belt

Here's another option we found on Amazon: Zulo Hydration Pack

9. Thorne bundles: Many around $100

For friends who has everything, buy themselves what they need, and are truly impossible to shop for, consider their health and how you can introduce them to a new wellness habit.

Thorne Bundles make it easy for you to know which products work well together for a given health need. Get your active friend the Training Bundle, your biohacking friend the Healthy Aging Bundle, or your night owl friend the Sleep Bundle. Do you have a child starting sports next year? Think about Thorne’s Youth Bundle. Is your friend or family trying to lose some weight or jump start healthy habits in the new year? Grab the Weight Management Bundle.

With 25 pre-crafted bundles, there is something for everyone looking to optimize health next year, and you can get them started on their journey. Just let us know what you are looking for and we'll see what we can help you get your hands on.

10. "Holistic Fitness"

Everyone knows someone who could use a little help moving the needle towards a more holistic lifestyle. We want to help as many people as we can experience new levels of holistic fitness. This just means optimizing your body, soul, and spirit without sacrificing overall health. Being able to think, eat, sleep, connect, and move well for as long as you live.

If you or someone you know could benefit from this, just check us out here: Percheron Fitness, or reach out to us and set up a No-Sweat Intro. We'll just spend some time talking and see how we can best help you or your loved one.

Merry Christmas & happy shopping!

- jP + Amy

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