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Hello, SugarWOD 👋🏼

At Percheron, we​ ​always want to emphasize​ ​a few things:

  • high quality movement 💯

  • a supportive community 👊🏼

  • measuring progress 📈

  • celebrating success 🏆

  • all of which starts with a supportive coach to athlete relationship 🤜🏼🤛🏽

We believe our commitment to these values will help us ​create a world-class health and fitness environment for our athletes.

To support these values, we​ ​chose​ ​the SugarWOD workout app. It’s a fun, social way to track your workouts and from day one you get to enjoy the unique community at Percheron. Using it is totally optional (you can keep your account private), but on our first day with it, 100% of our Percheron athletes who attended class used SugarWOD, and one athlete even tracked their workout remotely!

You may be asking yourself, Why should I track my workouts? 🤔

If you are newer to exercise, or should I say "functional fitness", it will help you remember all the lifts (as long as you log your lifts). Snatch, clean and jerk, push press, back squats, front squats etc. In the beginning all of the lifts can kinda jumble together and it’s hard to remember them... And it's even harder to remember what weight you lifted on each of them. But if we do heavy back squats one day and you log what you lifted, next time they come up in the programming, you can look up what you did last time right there in SugarWOD, so that you will know what you were capable of last time - and maybe try for a little more this time. 😎

Keeping track of your scores and weights will help you SEE your progress. Over time, once you’ve been tracking them for a while, you will see how your lifts and times have improved. You can also grab your score off the board or from your coach before you leave so you can log your scores.

One cool thing about SugarWOD is that you can put in your own workouts. If you go run a 5k for fun over the weekend you can put that in. Or if you make up a WOD at an open gym, you can enter that in there as well.

Another great feature of SugarWOD is that you can put in your own personal scaling notes. This is part of seeing your progress. Say we have a workout with pull ups and you use 3 bands - you put that in your notes. Then over the next couple of months you can log when you cut down to two bands or just one.

Here’s what you need to do to get started: 1. Download SugarWOD

- Download Android:

- Download iPhone:

2. Sign up for an account 3. Select Percheron Fitness as your gym.

4. Start logging your workouts!

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