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GROUP: Delivered in a variety of styles, our group training is offered in a semi-private & semi-personalized format. Generally, sessions are limited to a max of 10 people, with a waiting list available as they fill.

PERSONAL: We offer wholistic fitness training, nutrition-only training and physical fitness training. Wholistic fitness training sessions address mental, emotional, relational, and even spiritual capacities and well as the physical ones, are a hybrid of in-person + virtual. Physical-only training is 100% in-person. Nutrition training is 100% virtual. All of our personal training options carry the same policies and are only available to men or married/engaged couples in a 1:1/1:2 in-person setting. Virtual sessions are recorded for accountability.

*Exceptions may include seasonal/specialty programs that are offered in a semi-private format with 2-4 spots available per session.

SPECIALTY: Sometimes, we find ourselves in a season where we need/want to focus on a more short-term, yet specific performance goal. Whether you'd like to increase sports-specific agility/conditioning, prepare for an obstacle course race, take on the Murph Challenge, or anything in-between, we specialize in helping you perform at your highest possible level.

We also have various additional services available to support you on your wholistic fitness journey. 

Group Training

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specialty training

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