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The 2024 PF Open

One of our goals at Percheron is to Educate & Inspire. Competition helps with the ‘inspire’ part: the pressure to perform pushes you to train harder; the social boost of dozens of your best friends cheering for you will help you reach a higher plane. Heck, watching your teammates GO is inspiring.


This year, we are hosting an in-house event called “The Percheron Fitness Intramural Open“. This event is designed to be a celebration... of fitness, personal growth, and the vibrant spirit of the Percheron community. It's not about racing or outlifting; it's about elevating your fitness, leveling up your life, and basking in the warmth of countless high fives and fist bumps from your Percheron family.


Can we bring the thrill of competing home to Percheron? Can we deliver all the fun of competition without causing any anxiety attacks? We think so.

February 24 // Team Draft Day
Feb 24 - Mar 15 // Recruitment Period
March 16 // Workout 1
March 23 // Workout 2
March 30 // Workout 3
TBA // Mystery Workout 4

No plans available

Once there are plans available for purchase, you'll see them here.

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