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Do you feel stuck in your current level of fitness?

Unhappy with your body image?

Struggling to make the changes in your nutrition you have been wrestling with all year?

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed with anxiety from a new job or family challenges?

Go From Surviving to Thriving!


Coaching might be just what you need.


With regular 1:1 coaching calls, we will work with you to:

clarify what it is you're seeking to accomplish,

identify and overcome obstacles, and

commit to consistent action.


In the process, you'll learn more about yourself than you ever have

before on your way to your healthiest days.


Wholistic Coaching is a partnership for people seeking lasting changes aligned with their values to become more like the person they aspire to be. We are so passionate about living healthy lives and helping others live theirs. Wholistic Coaching is here to support you in EVERY aspect of your life that relates to your well-being, such as:


Improving your sleep

Better stress management

Creating work/life balance

Setting nutrition goals

Establishing healthy habits

Staying consistent with physical activity

Improving your relationships


To learn if Wholistic Coaching is a good fit for you, fill out the contact form below and we’ll reach out right away to schedule a no-charge discovery call.

Thanks for submitting!


What Can I Expect From Coaching?

  • One-on-one weekly meetings with one of our coaches

  • A non-judgmental space to discuss the challenges and complexities of your world

  • New perspectives

  • Tools and strategies

  • Learning how to be accountable to yourself, then others

  • Creating action plans together to help you reach your wholistic fitness goals


What is coaching NOT?
  • Someone else telling you what to do

  • Meal plans or diets

  • Therapy/Counseling

  • Mentoring/Advice

  • Prescriptions

  • Shaming

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